Beef Stroganoff – The History

Beef Stroganoff The History

The name of one of the world famous Russian dishes, Beef Stroganoff, has been used during more than half of a century within many European and even Asian cuisines. The dish is named after one of Stroganoffs’ graph’s. But the veritable creator of such dish recipe was likely to be a French cook. Despite the simplicity of its preparation, only a small part of the population of the Russian Empire could afford the boeuf Stroganoff, mainly the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, merchants and the members of the prosperous middle class.

And so they tried to give everything surrounding them a ‘’noble’’ French name. The exact way of how ‘’Beef Stroganoff’’ penetrated into the world-wide gastronomy is unknown. Rumour has it that there must be two versions of the appearance of such delicious dish. According to one of them, this less comman dish was created by a French chef Andre Dupont for an Old Earl who by that time could not chew large pieces of meat because of the lack of teeth strength.

The second version is more wide-accepted and is mentioned almost in all sources. It says that in the XIX century there lived an earl of New Russia, Alexander Stroganov, who, being a quite wealthy, hospitable and reputed noble man, according to the fashion of the time, held so-called ‘’open tables’’, that ment that anyone from the street who was properly dressed and educated can serve himself with the dishes that were on the tables. And so ‘’Beef Stroganoff’’ was created especially for such occasions, because it was distinguished by its special taste, it was easily divided into portions of different sizes and was easy to made!

In present days the researchers of gastronomy tend to accept that the cooks of the earl’s court cut the meat into small pieces and served the dish with a thick sauce just in order to make some savings. ‘’Beef Stroganoff’’ is a combination of Russian and French cuisines. According to French tradition the meat is served with sauce, whereas in Russian cuisine the sauce is poured into the meat as the gravy. Since the recipe of the dish became known from ‘’second-hands’’much time later when it had been created, the recipe was often distorted, which of course mislead us.
From the earl Stroganoff’s cuisine the recipe of ‘’Beef Stroganoff’’ penetrated into many houses.

Nowadays, Stroganoff is served everywhere, starting from simple caffees and ending with high class restaurants, and it has gained great popularity. Unfortunately, the original recipe has been lost in the course of time and each restaurant cooks it in its own way by changing the consistency of the sauce and other components. But generally it is made from chopped pieces of beef, filled with hot sour-cream sauce. The preparation takes about an hour or so. It can be perfectly served with potatoes, and sometimes with a fresh potato. It must be served hot, otherwise it loses its taste. ‘’Beef Stroganoff’’ is an easy-made dish suitable for every day and every occasion. Here we have some recipes of this gourgeously tasty dish.

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