How to make beef stroganoff

Nearly all of us have heard about one of the most delicious dishes in the world, about Beef Stroganoff. This dish with Russian origin has attracted many cooks and chiefs from all the countries, many people try at home to prepare home-made Beef Stroganoff and get involved all the members of the family. The result has never disappointed the housewives. The dish is very preferable especially for those who don’t have much time wasting in the kitchen and cooking something that is soon after eating get forgotten.

It is a perfect choice for those who are office workers or who are short of time. If you follow some simple steps you will get perfectly delicious dish for the whole your family and believe it or not, you will be greatly blessed! Now you don’t need to download your brain with such questions as what to prepare for the guests or what to cook from <<nothing>> or with what kind of dish get amazed your visitors. Don’t worry and keep calm! If you have beef in your fridge then everything is going to be allright.

So how to prepare that popular and lovely beef stroganoff? In reality the recipe of its preparation is very simple and it doesn’t take much efforts and much complains about the duration or the level of it’s preparation difficulty. Remember that your only trouble would be thr right choice of the fresh <<red>> beef. Hope you will know the proper techniques of choosing and buying beef, so we will pass that part. As you see the basic ingredient is beef. If you have beef at your hand, then you will need some other main components: eggs, flour, seasonings, butter and mushroom (optional). Depending on the amount of your servings you will suppose to add or reduce the quantity of your additional ingredients.

So, the first step you are going to do is toground the beef or you can just cut in into thin small pieces and fry it in butter. It will take a couple of minutes. Be careful not to burn the meat. Then prepare the mixture from mushrooms and onions (it can be or not). The mixture of mushrooms is going to be the sauce for the beef. Cut the onions and the mushrooms, add seasonings, some broth and boil about a few minutes. Then combine the beef with the mixture and let it get thickened. Season the mass with seasonings and serve with side dish.

As you notice the preparation of beef stroganoff is really easy. You can make some changes in the recipe but the end is the same. You enjoy it with great pleasure and satisfaction. So, cook beef stroganoff, <<play>> with recipes and make it your own dish. Bon appetite!

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